Ceraflux - Dt1
CERAFLUX – DT 1 is used to improve the soundness and appearance of aluminium gravity die castings.
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CERAFLUX – DT 1 is used to improve the soundness and appearance of aluminium gravity die castings. Some aluminium die castings are prone to cracks, draws and tears in certain areas because of poor casting or die design, incorrect pouring or die temperature, unsatisfactory die operation, etc. If the fault is consistently in the same place and severe in extent it is probable that alteration to the die is necessary to improve metal conditions in that area. Moderate defects can however be overcome by the deliberate addition of small amounts of gas to the molten alloy. During solidification most of the gas in solution (almost always hydrogen) is expelled in the form of small pinholes. These pinholes are extremely fine and very well dispersed throughout the whole casting. The total volume of bubbles will however be significant and will substantially offset a considerable volume of shrinkage contraction that might otherwise form the defect.

Product Application :- Prepare the metal in the furnace in the usual way ensure clean metal free from non-metallic inclusions. When the correct pouring temperature has been reached CERAFLUX-DT 1 may be applied by two ways,

  • Ladle treatment
    the required amount of CERAFLUX-DT 1 additive, as determined by previous tests, is placed in a bowl of the hot, empty hand ladle where it will quickly fuse. When the ladle is carefully filled with the molten metal from the furnace a bubbling action will take place as gas is released from the CERAFLUX-DT 1 and dissolves in the metal. Pour without delay. The small amount of residue remaining in the ladle can easily be removed usually by simply inverting and tapping. The operation is repeated for each casting.

    Ladle treatment does rely to some extent on the individual operators skill and judgment to produce consistent results but it can be extremely effective and economical with practice. No fume is evolved and the technique is often employed in the open shop. Because of the late stage of application the maximum gassing effect is usually obtained from treatment in the ladle.

  • Furnace Treatment
    depending on the amount of gas needed in the metal and on the initial gas content, between 0.25 and 0.5% of CERAFLUX-DT additive by weight will be required.CERAFLUXDT 1 should be plunged with a refractory coated bell plunger and held below the surface.When the bubbling action has ceased stir thoroughly ensure an even dispersion and skim off any surface dross.

0.2 - 0.5 % of the metal weight depending on application type and foundry conditions.

Flux is hygroscopic in nature so store it in dry atmosphere.

100 gm tablets in 500 gm packing. Packed with aluminium paper foil in 20 kg C box.

Shelf Life - 12 months from date of manufacturing in closed intact packing kept in cool and dry place

Note - Above information is true and accurate based on controlled laboratory testing. However user is responsible for determining suitability for application at their end. No guarantee is implied since the condition in actual use differs widely & beyond our control.