CERAFLUX FUSED REFINING FLUXES are a synthetic anhydrous carnallite in fused granular form.


CERAFLUX FUSED REFINING FLUXES are a synthetic anhydrous carnallite (KMgCl3, K2MgCl4, K3Mg2Cl7 ) in fused granular form. They react quickly to efficiently remove sodium, lithium 2 4 3 2 7 and calcium from primary molten Al and Al-Mg alloys.


  • Sodium free, sulphate free, nitrate free, fluoride-free
  • Low melting point for rapid dissolution/dispersion.
  • Once on the surface, prevents hydrogen pick-up.
  • Less hygroscopic than MgCl2

To remove alkali elements from molten aluminium in the melting or holding furnaces., Add refining fluxes in the solid charge or on the heel, just before adding the liquid charge. Stir the metal with nitrogen or argon gas for effective removal of alkali elements, hydrogen and inclusions.

Colour White to greyish White to greyish White to greyish
Appearance% Granulated Granulated Granulated
MgCl % 40 min. 43 min. 60 min.
KCl 59 min 56 min. 39 min.

0.25 to 1.5 kg/MT (The addition rate of CERAFLUX FUSED REFINING FLUXES will depend on the initial and targeted levels of Na, Li and Ca).

Flux is highly hygroscopic in nature to be store in dry place. Close opened bags or storage bins tightly after use.

  • 5 kg plastic bags in a 25,50 Kg HDPE bag.
  • 5 kg plastic bags in a 25 Kg HDPE carboy.

Shelf Life - 12 months from date of manufacturing in closed intact packing kept in cool and dry place.

Note - Above information is true and accurate based on controlled laboratory testing. However user is responsible for determining suitability for application at their end. No guarantee is implied since the condition in actual use differs widely & beyond our control.