CERACOTE - Z110 is a zircon rich coating from the ceracote range of foundry coatings.
  • Ceraflux z110


CERACOTE - Z110 is a zircon rich coating from the ceracote range of foundry coatings. It is a water based coating with a remarkable stability of suspension, good covering ability with firm bonding on a substrate.


Apply coating by brushing /spraying application to desire thickness as it is or by diluting with water 100 : 15 to 20 ( product : water ) Air dry coating for 1 hour minimum Oven dry/torch the coating to dry, ensure complete drying of coating before use in application.

CERACOTE – Z110 has the following advantages as a versatile foundry coating mainly for aluminium industries.

High content of zircon permits the use in high temperature areas. Good binding and covering property is useful for coating the ceramic/metal parts for their protection from heat / molten metal. It is useful to prevent the contamination of ferrous parts with non- ferrous melts e.g. coating of plungers, skimmers etc. in aluminium industries, prevents iron pickup in the melt. This coating is also good for ceramic to increase their life. For example- coating of launders, tiles, ladle shapes etc.

Ensure that prepared coating is of uniform consistency. It should be free from lumps & foreign particles.

40 Kg. HDPE bucket.

Shelf Life - 6 months from date of manufacturing in closed intact packing kept in cool and dry place.

Note - Above information is true and accurate based on controlled laboratory testing. However user is responsible for determining suitability for application at their end. No guarantee is implied since the condition in actual use differs widely & beyond our control.