CERAFLUX-29 is a modifying flux used in hypoeutectic aluminium silicon alloys.
  • modifying flux


CERAFLUX-29 is a modifying flux used in hypoeutectic aluminium silicon alloys. Ceraflux -29 is a modifying flux consisting sodium salts.


  • The purpose of modifying eutectic Al-Si alloy is to change the acicular form of silicon to a spherical or globular form.
  • The modification treatment improves the mechanical properties in both the as cast and heat-treated condition.
  • Conventionally Al-Si hypoeutectic alloys are treated with salt base modifiers to obtain the desired structure.
  • Casting with improved and consistent mechanical and metallurgical properties.
  • Improves as – cast mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation.
  • The modified metallurgical structure and improved distribution of silicon phase gives better machineability and improved surface texture..
  • Prepare the desired alloy composition
  • Follow the normal fluxing and cleansing procedure recommended for using suitable flux from CERAFLUX-11.
  • Degas the melt with a suitable grade of D'GASSER and dross off using small quantity of a suitable flux from CERAFLUX-11.
  • After degassing operation, add TIBON-5/5E as per requirement.
  • After grain refinement, add precalculated quantity of CERAFLUX-29 depending on the melt size.
  • Hold the metal until all the salt is melted over the surface.
  • Wait for minimum 10 minutes for modification effect to take place.
  • Rabble it to ensure homogeneity of the composition, then add small quantity of CERAFLUX-11.
  • Skim cleanly and pour without delay.

1 to 2% of total metal quantity and a temperature of 760 – 780°C

25, 50 Kg HDPE Bag.

Note - Above information is true and accurate based on controlled laboratory testing. However user is responsible for determining suitability for application at their end. No guarantee is implied since the condition in actual use differs widely & beyond our control.