Craftanol-256 IP is a ready for use green coloured spirit based zircon coating.
  • Refractory Coatings


CRAFTANOL - 11 is a Refractory Coating with Graphite as main Refractory Filler in Spirit Base Carrier.

CRAFTANOL - 11 is a ready for use (RFU) coating having excellent Suspension properties.


CRAFTANOL - 11 can be applied by brushing/ dipping/ spraying. For brushing CRAFTANOL - 11 is to be applied as it is after thorough mixing. Ignite the core immediately after coating.

For dipping or spraying CRAFTANOL - 11 can be used as it is or dilute to requisite consistency / viscosity by CRAFTANOL THINNER. Dilution should be 10% max by weight of coating, depending upon the type of the substrate on which coating is to be applied.

CRAFTANOL - 11 it is mainly recommended for all C.I. Casting. It can be applied by brushing / dipping/ spraying.

The physical property of CRAFTANOL - 11 is as follows : -

  • Colour : Black
  • Appearance : RFU Liquid
  • Specific Gravity : 0. 98 to 1.05 @ 27 °C ± 3°C
  • Viscosity : 13 - 16 Sec. By B4 cup @ 27°C± 3°C
  • Coating by Brushing : No peel off / No cracks

30 Kg. P.C.

Shelf Life -12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Note - When relative Humidity is high >70% , proper care must be taken to dry the cores before assembling / pouring.