Craftcote-21 Paste
Craftcote – 21 Paste is a Refractory Coating with Graphite as main Refractory Filler.
  • Craftcote-21 Paste


Craftcote – 21 paste is a Refractory Coating with Graphite as main Refractory Filler.

Craftcote – 21 paste is designed to cope up the present market situation of cost reduction.

Craftcote – 21 is supplied in paste form, which can be diluted by water as per the requirement of the process


  • Take required quantity of CRAFTCOTE – 21 paste
  • Dilute with water in the ratio of 1:2 (Product : Water)
  • Ensure that the coating is mixed thoroughly for Homogeneity.
  • Apply the coating on the mould as per requirement
  • Air dry for 10-20 min.
  • Oven dry @ temperature of 150 – 160 C for 20 minutes.
  • Ensure that the mould is free from moisture.

Generally a separate tank should be used for dilution of the coating

CRAFTCOTE – 21 paste is developed as a techno-commercial advanced products for Molasses moulding system. Generally Graphite water base paints are recommended for C.I. Casting. CRAFTCOTE – 21 PASTE is designed to acquire all the properties of ready for use product when diluted with water at shop floor and given sufficient period

It can be applied by brushing / dipping/ spraying. It gives excellent surface finish on casting.

The physical properties of CRAFTCOTE - 21 paste is as follows :: -

  • Colour : Black
  • Appearance : Paste
  • Coating by dipping / Brushing/ Spraying :No peel off / No cracks on dilution 1 : 2( Product : Water )

50Kg HDPE Carbouy

Note - When relative Humidity is high >70% , proper care must be taken to dry the cores before assembling / pouring.