Alcohol Magnesite Base Refractory Coating


  • CRAFTANOL-31(RFU) is ready for use alcohol base coating with calcined magnesite as main filler with excellent suspension properties.
  • Calcined magnesite prevents the chemical reaction between mould & molten metal and thus helps to obtain excellent surface finish to manganese steel castings.


  • Normally spirit / water based zircon coatings are used to coat core and mould in steel casting.
  • Because of high refractoriness of zircon, it gives good surface finish to steel casting.
  • But in case of manganese steel casting the manganese percentage is in range of 10-13%.
  • Zircon floor and silica sand is acidic in nature that of manganese steel is basic in nature, causing chemical reaction between coating and molten metal resulting in fusion and rough surface finish.
  • Due to this zircon base coating are not used.
  • Calcined magnesite is basic in nature and having high refractoriness which help to prevent this inter chemical reaction between silica sand & molten metal.
  • It also helps to obtain excellent surface finish to manganese steel casting.
  • Mix the coating uniformly before application.
  • Take out requisite quantity of CRAFTANOL-31(RFU); if required dilute the coating by CRAFTANOL-THINNER. Dilution should be 10% max by weight of coating
  • Brushing:-  Ready for use(after uniform mixing)
  • Spraying:-   95:5 (product: CRAFTANOL-THINNER)
  • Apply the coating by brushing / spraying.
  • Ignite the coating immediately after applying. In case of large moulds part mould to be coated & ignited immediately.

For dilution use CRAFTANOL-THINNER this is having built in binder.

  • Colour :-   OFF WHITE.
  • Appearance :-   Liquid.
  • Specific Gravity :-   1.40 to 1.50 @ (27+-3)ºC
  • Viscosity :-   13 - 18 Sec. By B4 cup @ (27+-3)ºC
  • Settling 1 hr. :-   6 ml max.
  • Coating by Brushing /Spraying :-   No peel off / No cracks.
  • Ensure that mould is completely dry before pouring liquid metal.Ensure proper mixing to obtain uniform coating all over mould.
  • Excess thickness results in rough surface.
  • Being flammable should be kept away from flame / direct heat.

30 KG plastic carboy.

Shelf Life - 6 months from the date of manufacturing in closed intact packing kept in dry place.

Note - Above information is true and accurate based on controlled laboratory testing. However user is responsible for determining suitability for application at their end. No guarantee is implied since the condition in actual use differs widely & beyond our control.