(Antiveining compound)


  • CRAFTCOTE-AVC is a powder form sand additive used in core and mould.
  • This product has unique property, which reduces veining and scabbing defects.
  • CRAFTCOTE-AVC is recommended to use in cold box core / no bake core.


  • Sand cores are produced in the foundry industry to primarily make internal cavities of a finished casting
  • When the sand cores are placed in a mold and molten metal is introduced, a rapid thermal expansion of the sand in the sand core takes place.
  • This rapid expansion results in core failure i.e.Cracking of core.
  • If the metal is still molten, the metal runs into the cracks in the core creating a fin, or in foundry terms, a vein as the metal solidifies.
  • At molten metal temperature the additive in antiveining compound burns-out, leaving extra space for thermal expansion of sand, results in the elimination or reduction of veining defects.

  • CRAFTCOTE-AVC can be used in wide range depending upon the severity of the veining problem.
  • Take requisite quantity of sand in muller. Add CRAFTCOTE-AVC in muller the quantity will range from 0.5 – 3.0 %.
  • Mix for 2- 3 minutes and then add binder.
  • We recommend to add CRAFTCOTE-AVC in the range of 0.5 -1.25% max. on the weight of sand.
  • Colour :   Reddish brown.
  • Appearance :   Powder
  • Tap density :   0.90 – 1.0
  • 50 kg HDPE bag.

Shelf Life - 1 Year from date of manufacturing Keep in cool & dry place.

NOTE:-  Above information is true and accurate based on controlled laboratory testing. However user is responsible for determining suitability for application at their end. No guarantee is implied since the condition in actual use differs widely & beyond our control.