(Water based Resole CO2 process)


CERACARB R-900 is a Phenol-Formaldehyde water born resole resin cured by CO2 gas. The resin is only binder which is mixed with sand. The resin does not contain Nitrogen, Phosphorous or sulphur. All types of sand can be used successfully. To harden the mixed sand CO2 has to be gassed in to core box.

CERCARB R-900 is reddish brown, clear liquid. It is has very less odour and irritating smell.


CERACARB R-900 along with CO2 gas used for making silica sand cores for iron and non-ferrous castings. The process work well with fresh sand as well as reclaimed sand. Sand bonding in CERACARB R-900 is more flexible than any other core making processes. Hence casting defects related to sand expansion, such as veining are significantly reduced or eliminated. Usually anti-veining additive are not required to obtain sound casting.

Core production cycle times with CERACARB R-900 is comparable to PUCB process. CERACARB R-900 along with CO2 gas has high reactivity causes short gassing time. Core produced using CERACARB R-900 does not required extra air purging cycle after gas passing.

Physical Properties

Appearance Reddish brown clear liquid
Sp. Gravity @30°C 1.25- 1.35
Viscosity by B4 cup@30°C 40-120 seconds
Free formaldehyde < 0.3%
Free Phenol < 0.1%
Storage temperature 15 -30°C
Shelf life from date of manufacture 3 months


  • Non-Flammable, water washable.
  • Very low free phenol and formaldehyde
  • No toxic fumes during mixing and core making.
  • No toxic ingredients like isocyanates, peroxides, amines or sulphur based compounds
  • Any type of sand can be used.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request


Dry silica sand [AFS 50-65]
(free from carbonates and chlorides)
100 parts
CERACARB R 900 2.5- 3.5% based on sand

Note:- For good quality reclaimed sand, addition level will be

CERACARB R-900 2.5- 3.00% based on sand

Sand mixing can be done in either batch or continuous mixer, but one should ensure for no free resin lumps in sand mix.

Mixing cycle:

Dry silica sand + CERACARB R-900-- mix for 1 – 1 ½ minutes

These are typical mixing times, which can vary with speed and type of mixer.

Bench Life- 2 hrs.Min.

CO2 gassing conditions

Flow rate 6 LPM
Pressure 5 PSI
Room temperature 25 -45°C
Relative Humidity (Approx.) 50


(Resin-3% of sand)

Transverse strength 5.0 – 6.0 kg/cm2 14.0 – 15.0 kg/cm2
Compression strength 6.0 – 8.0 kg/cm2 22.0 – 24.0 kg/cm2
Tensile strength 3.0 – 8.0 kg/cm2 /td>

Strength will vary with quality of sand and ambient atmospheric conditions.

Mould & Core Wash: We recommend alcohol base refractory wash.

Shelf Life

  • CERACARB R-900 –3 months from date of manufacturing

Standard Packing

  • CERACARB R-900 – 200/225 kg HDPE drums.

Storage & Handling

CERACARB R-900 should stored separately, away from direct source of heat, moisture under roof at below 30°C

Handle CERACARB R-900 with proper care by using safety tools like chemical resistance hand gloves, safety goggles.

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