D’gasser for Non-ferrous Foundries

DEGASER products are compacted tablets in different sizes to facilitate treatment of various melt sizes. They are plunged into aluminium melts for degassing

DEGASER range of products remove the dissolved hydrogen by diffusion process. Degassing with these products is superior to flushing with chlorine gas which is associated with problems of space, equipment, corrosion, health hazards, etc. Some of the degassing products contain grain refining elements also and these products function as combined degassing and grain refining agents.

At Ceraflux, various grades are available which can be used for Aluminium and Magnesium base alloys, copper and nickel base alloys etc. and generate chlorine, inert gas etc. Some de-gassers have a grain-refining effect as well. All grades available in tablet form.

De-gasser Tablet Advantages:

  • Remove hydrogen gas from melt
  • Remove non-metallic inclusions
  • Eliminate gas porosity and casting leakage under pressure
  • Ensure homogeneous alloy with improved mechanical properties
  • Improve mechanical properties and produce sound castings
  • Convenient to use compared to powder degassers

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