R & D Infrastructure

Since inception we have focused on our core strengths i.e., research and development. Being technocrats and strong R & D mindset, we are able to expand our package of products for industries. Subsequently we have entered in to the ferrous market and developed specialized coatings for ferrous foundries. Product development and improvement is at the top most priorities at Ceraflux. Our R & D is organized to provide integrated solution rather than just products. Faster response and flexibility in meeting market need is the core strength of our R & D. We have consciously nurtured our R & D department as this department has to play role at every stage of manufacturing activity as well as designing customized solutions for the client.

We are equipped with an avant – grade R&D unit that emphasizes on research and development to upgrade ourselves in both, technology & industry knowledge.

Our team includes experts in the field of science, engineering, software and service technologies. Since our inception, we have become synonymous with innovative technology and cutting-edge solutions. As a customer focus & technology driven organization offering quality products & services is our forte. By updating technology & infrastructure, we have continued to deliver high value products to our customers. Moreover, our integrated process of operation has enabled us to meet the demanding needs of this intensely competitive industry.