Coatings for Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Steel Foundries

Ceraflux offers products for Aluminium and Copper based industries

There are three main types of non-ferrous metals: aluminium, magnesium and copper. Aluminium casting is dominated by the automotive industry. Although aluminium castings are more expensive than ferrous castings, there is a continuing market requirement to reduce vehicle weight and to increase fuel efficiency. When aluminium alloys are cast, there are many potential sources of defects which can harm the quality of the casting such as shrinkage defects, gas porosity and oxide inclusions. Pressure diecasting is the most commonly used casting process for aluminium as well as magnesium alloy castings

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We offer a wide range of foundry products and services to meet the requirements of iron, steel and non-ferrous
foundries to help them to reduce defects, improve casting quality and optimise production costs.