Calcium, lithium, and Sodium removal flux for aluminium and aluminium alloys


CERAFLUX-GR-60 is a granulated flux suitable for all types of Aluminium alloys. It is a unique blend of magnesium and potassium salts. It reacts quickly to remove Calcium (along with Na and Li) from molten Al and Al-Mg alloys.


  • Very low moisture content ensures better results.
  • Sodium and Fluoride-free
  • CERAFLUX GR-60 has a low melting point for rapid dissolution


To remove Calcium (along with Na and Li )from the refractory linings of holding furnaces.

Thoroughly remove any dross from the furnace lining. Sprinkle CERAFLUX GR-60 evenly over the refractory to be treated prior to introducing aluminium. Apply 2 - 3 Kg of flux per square meter of refractory. Add the metal to the furnace and repeat this procedure for the next 5 or 6 casts.

To remove Calcium (along with Na and Li) from molten aluminum in the melting/ holding furnace.

In addition to the treatment of the furnace lining, inject between 1 to 5 Kg of CERAFLUX GR-60 for each metric ton of aluminium. When there is no risk of sodium/ calcium Contamination in the holding furnace, CERAFLUX GR-60 can be used to treat molten aluminium in the transfer ladle bringing metal from the melting furnace. Add CERAFLUX GR-60 to the empty ladle at a rate of 4-5 kg / MT of aluminum. Fill the ladle with molten aluminium and add sufficient CERAFLUX GR-60 to the metal surface to provide a Continuous protective layer. Inject nitrogen or argon for Approximately 10 min to thoroughly stir and clean the metal. Skim the ladle with a suitable skimming tool before transferring the metal into the holding furnace.

Application temperature: 650 ºC and higher.

Application Rate

The addition rate of CERAFLUX GR-60. Exact requirements will depend on the initial and targeted levels of Ca, Li, and Na.

Standard Packing : 25 kg paper bag or 5 kg plastic bags in a 50 Kg HDPE bag.

Storage : Flux is highly hygroscopic stored in cool and dry place. Close opened bags or storage bins securely after use.

Warning: Keep the product in the original sealed bag until it is ready to use. Don’t keep the product open in atmosphere, it will absorb moisture and on mixing with molten metal it may result in an explosion.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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