Master Alloys for Non-Ferrous Foundries

Ceraflux offer wide range of metallurgical products for Non-Ferrous Foundries. Apart from catering to the domestic industry, the company exports to more than 14 countries with customer base comprising more than 1000 clients. Ceraflux produces specialized aluminium master alloys for non-ferrous foundries. Its deep product basket features alloying materials such as.

  • Metallic Grain Refiner for Al-Si hypo-eutectic & eutectic Alloys.
  • Metallic Strontium based Modifier for hypo-eutectic & eutectic Alloys.
  • Master Alloys of Nickel, Copper, Chromium, Iron etc for alloy addition.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of foundry products and services to meet the requirements of iron, steel and non-ferrous
foundries to help them to reduce defects, improve casting quality and optimise production costs.