Ceraloy Al-V 10 % is an Aluminium Vanadium Master Alloy containing 10 % Vanadium. This alloy is used as additives for Vanadium in Aluminium alloys as a hardener.


Ceraloy Al-V 10 % as an Aluminium Vanadium Master Alloy is used to add Vanadium in molten Aluminium alloys. This Vanadium addition is done to improve the thermal stability, strength & due to their excellent corrosion resistance, are materials considered ideal for implant application.


Ceraloy Al-V 10% is dissolved fast in aluminium melt & gives maximum recovery of Vanadium. Aluminium based master alloy which contain the hardener elements in high concentrations, provide a convenient & economical way to add them to Aluminium to achieve desired properties, thus minimizing dross formation, solubility of hydrogen, reduced energy consumption & longer furnace life.


Melt the Aluminium metal. Add Ceraloy Al-V 10 % as desired for alloy composition is around 700 to 750ºC. Follow the normal fluxing and cleaning procedure from Ceraflux range. Degas the melt at suitable temperature & clean with small amount of flux.

After all the process is completed, take the sample for checking the vanadium content, if satisfactory start pouring immediately.

Size : 2 kg Ingot with Black Colour code


  • % Vanadium - 10 ± 1
  • % Impurities – 0.3 max
  • % Aluminium – Reminder.


  • 20 kg Plastic Bag

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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