CERALOY Mn (10/15/20)


CERALOY Mn is an aluminum-manganese alloy. This CERALOY Mn is used to add Manganese metal in molten aluminium or its alloy.


CERALOY Mn is used to add manganese in molten aluminium alloys. Manganese in aluminum alloys improves casting soundness at levels over 0.5%. Manganese controls the intermetallic form of iron in the alloy, leading to improved ductility and shrinkage characteristics.


Melt the aluminum metal. Add CERALOY Mn as desired for alloy composition at around 700 to 750ºC. Wait until the alloy is completely dissolved. Stir the melt to get the homogenous dissolution of manganese in the liquid aluminium metal. Degas the melt at suitable temperature & clean with small amount of flux.

After all the process is completed, take the sample for checking the manganese content, if satisfactory start pouring immediately.

Dissolution Time: 15 Minutes

Typical Physical Properties

Mn - 10 9.5-10.5   0.5 max balance
Mn - 15 14.5-15.5  0.5 max balance
Mn - 20 19.5-20.5 0.5 max balance


  • 2/5 kg ingots.


  • 20/25 kg bag

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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