Cleaning and Covering Flux For Aluminium Copper Based Alloys


CERAFLUX-AB2 is white colour powder flux. It provides reactive fluid flux layer which effectively reduces the oxide formation and removes the dross formed during melting of Aluminium Copper based alloys.

The Molten protective layer formed on the surface of molten metal prevent the absorption of moisture from furnace atmosphere and minimizes loss of Aluminium due to oxidation. Slag formed is having less metallic content.


The quantity of CERAFLUX -AB2 required will vary according to type of scrap and amount metal used in the charge.

Pre-heat the crucible or furnace. Charge ingots and scrap and commence melting. When part of the charge becomes pasty, sprinkle CERAFLUX-AB2 flux (0.5kg for 100kg of metal) over the surface.

Continue charging and melt under the protective cover of CERAFLUX-AB2 as rapidly as possible. When the metal is at pouring temperature, add a further quantity of CERAFLUX - AB2 flux (0.25kg for 100kg of metal) and with a perforated saucer plunger, plunge the flux to the bottom of the melt then with a rotary movement of the plunger, mix the flux in bringing it into intimate contact with all parts of the melt in order to remove oxide particles. After 2-3 minutes withdraw the plunger and allow the melt to settle.

Degas the melt to remove dissolved hydrogen gas with Degas-100/200 followed by De-oxidation. CERAPACK CB3 tubes are added to deoxidize molten metal.Remove the dross by adding SLAGBOND 30M.

After removal of dross take molten metal for pouring.

Application Temperature: 900-950°C


  • Fluidity and the feeding properties of the alloy increases.
  • Improves Pressure tightness and mechanical properties of the castings.

Standard Packing : 50 Kg HDPE Bag With Polyethylene Liner.

Precaution : Flux Is Hygroscopic In Nature So Store It In Dry Atmosphere.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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