Diedress – 39 is water base Titanium Dioxide base diecoat recommended for gravity diecasting. Special binding & hard film forming property of coating gives excellent as cast casting finish, increasing its uniqueness.


DIEDRESS – 39 is a titanium dioxide Filler base Die coat providing conducting properties to the liquid metal, faciliting heat transfer phenomenon.

DIEDRESS – 39 gives excellent finish to the casting as TiO2 has greatest hiding power. The thermal stability of base filler gives long life reducing the breakdown time.


Thoroughly mix the DIEDRESS – 39 from the can and take the desired quantity in a clean container. Add 1 : 2-3 (Product : Water) water and mix thoroughly, filter with a cloth and spray with the help of Pilot type spray gun.

Spray the such prepared Die coat on hot die. A very fine uniform layer should be given.

Initial few casting may show very fine grains on casting followed by a very very good surface finish.

It is recommended if insulation is required at some places in the Die, then use DIEDRESS – 34 or DIEDRESS – 140.

NOTE : Use soft water for dilution.

Packing : 5 Kg / 40 Kg P.C.

Shelf Life : 6 months

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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