Sprit Base Zircon Coating



CERAFLUX GR-6512 FP is a sodium and calcium free granulated flux designed for hypereutectic aluminium alloys used in piston castings and all Al-Mg alloys. CERAFLUX GR-6512 FP imparts a strong cleaning and drossing action removing oxides and other non-metallic inclusions present in the melt, leaving dry powdery dross.


CERAFLUX GR-6512 FP imparts reduction in oxidation and removal of oxides and inclusions from the molten metal. Dross generated is in dry powder form and easily separated from surface of molten metal with less entrapment of metal. CERAFLUX GR-6512 FP is a free from fines and dust so easy for application and get spread out over the molten metal easily. Being in granular form each grains represent uniform chemical composition, providing excellent effect in lower addition dosage.

The physical property of CERAFLUX GR-6512 FP is as follows

Colour Violet
Appearance Granular
Size of granules 1 - 6mm


  • 250/300 gms plastic sachets packed in 20 kg polyethylene lined paper bag. 25kg polyethylene lined paper bag

Shelf Life

  • 12 months from date of manufacturing

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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