(Insulating Die coat For GDC & LPDC)


Diedress – 140ESS is an insulating coating used to protect the accurately machined die and core faces, to control solidification, to give best possible surface finish and to ease die operation


In GDC and LPDC, castings are produced with larger / thinner sectioned aluminium alloys. When molten metal (aluminium alloy at 720ºC) is cast into die (at 250ºC) the rate of heat extraction from the metal will be high and as a consequence fluidity of the cast metal will be reduced. Correct use of an insulating coating can control the rate of heat extraction in various parts of the die and so retain fluidity as well as provides a desirable directional solidification pattern in the casting

Physical Properties

COLOUR Off-White
SECIFIC GRAVITY @ 27±3°C 1.55 – 1.60


Dilute the coating with soft water in the ratio 1:4(Product : Water) mix uniformly and apply coating by spraying. The application of the coating is varies from very thin, where maximum chilling is required and thick on runners, feeders, thin cast sections, etc.

Spray the diluted coating on to the die and core faces using a good atomizing gun. The die temperature should be between 140 to 200ºC so that the spray hits and dries quickly without running. Then re-heat the die to normal working temperature before casting metal into it.

Standard Packing : 8 K.g P.C

Expiry Period : 6 Months from date of manufacturing kept in cool and dry place with intact packing.

Storage : Store product in cool and dry place.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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