(Hexachloroethane Free Aluminium Degassing Tablet)


D’GASSER-NT tablets are suitable for all types of aluminium alloys with the exception of AlMg alloys where even a slight sodium pick up must be avoided. The product is developed for future generation requirements i.e. considering Environmental and Economical aspects

Product Features


Generally Hexachloroethane based compacted degassing tablets were used for removing/controlling hydrogen percentage from molten aluminium and alloys. Chlorine gas liberates when the tablets get decomposed by plunging in molten aluminium and play’s crucial role in hydrogen removing process. However

  • Free chlorine is not admissible and nor environment friendly.
  • Raw material availability for the product is becoming very crucial making the product costlier.
  • Liberates considerable amount of FUME, ODOUR and TOXIC GASES.
  • Reaction or bubbling will be vigorous


D’GASSER-NT is Hexachloroethane FREE compacted degassing tablet. When plunged in molten aluminium D’GASSER-NT decomposes and liberates fine bubbles of nitrogen. These fine bubbles of nitrogen so liberated were well dispersed and rise up through the melt removing dissolved hydrogen and floating out non- metallic inclusions on the top surface.

  • The amount of Fume liberated is very Minimal.
  • The gases were Non Toxic and No Odour.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Controlled moderate reaction/bubbling.
  • Economical too.


D’GASSER-NT is to be plunged into the melt by using a clean and preheated perforated plunging bell. Recommended to rotate the plunging bell thoroughly. Plunge the tablets in two or more stages if the quantity is more. Withdraw the plunging bell after the reaction/bubbling is eased.

Skim out the dross carefully from the melt surface using a suitable skimming tool, if required by using small quantity of drossing flux.

Application Rate

  • Normally 0.10 to 0.20% by weight of molten metal

Product Form And Availability

  • D’GASSER-NT is a compacted tablet available in 100gms, 250 Gms and 500 Gms tablet.

  • Standard Packing : 20 Kg C.B. box
  • Application Temperature : 680 - 750 ºC
  • Important: Store the product in cool and dry place and unpack as per requirement.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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