Powder flux for Copper base Alloys


CERAFLUX - 55 is a Black coloured powder flux recommended for copper base alloys during melting. Pure copper or copper alloys are very difficult to melt and are very susceptible to gassing. In case of copper alloys the oxidation losses of alloying elements should also be reduced.

Under the cover of CERAFLUX- 55 both oxidation losses and the pickup of Hydrogen from moisture in the atmosphere are prevented.

The percentage addition of CERAFLUX – 55 is 1% of metal weight for good scrap. For turning/ boring etc. type of scrap 3-4% CERAFLUX – 55 is required of the metal weight.

The flux is added in 3 stages. First one third part is to be added along with scrap. Then second dose when the melt is in mushi stage and third and final after deoxidizing the melt by deoxidizing tubes. After achieving the desired temp. Rabble the melt. Then pour the metal, keeping the cover of flux on the melt.


  • Reduces the oxidation so costly alloying elements are saved as well as maintain the grade properly.
  • Creates a reducing atmosphere required for Cu-alloys
  • Cleans metal and remove nonmetallic inclusion
  • Increase in metal yield.

Standard Packing : 25 KG. / 40KG. HDPE BAG

Shelf Life : 12 months from date of manufacturing.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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