Exothermic Drossing Flux For Aluminium Alloys


CERAFLUX - 11 is Pink Colour powder made from Salts of Chloride & Fluorides recommended for cleansing and drossing operation.


Aluminium in molten condition has higher affinity towards Hydrogen & Oxygen. Molten aluminium alloys rapidly forms an aluminium oxide (Dross) film whenever surface is freshly exposed to atmosphere. Excessive Formation of aluminium oxide (Dross) can be prevented by disturbing layer as little as possible which is difficult to maintain at Shop Floor.

CERAFLUX - 11 forms a protective layer and the special exo-thermic properties of CERAFLUX - 11 reduces the Dross formation & loss of Metal through Dross.


CERAFLUX - 11 is recommended for cleansing and drossing operation. CERAFLUX - 11 form a layer over molten aluminium which acts as a barrier between molten aluminium and atmosphere. By this CERAFLUX - 11 prevents the excessive dross formation and reduces the loss of metal & gas pick-up. Meanwhile exo-thermic reaction of CERAFLUX - 11 influences easy removal of metal free dross and removal of non-metallic inclusion from liquid metal.

Application Rate

Addition rate depends on the quality of the charge. Dirty and smaller size scrap will generate more dross require more flux. Clean and large pieces of scrap generates less dross, requiring less flux. Recommended dose for clean charge is 0.05 – 0.15% of the metal weight.

Application Temperature: 700-750°C

Application Procedure

  • It is most important to keep the cover of flux over liquid metal through -out melting practice. For this it is advised to apply CERAFLUX - 11 in 2/3 stages.
  • Take requisite quantity of CERAFLUX-11 as recommended.
  • Add 1/3rd quantity of total required flux in the beginning i.e. at semi- liquid stage. Keep the layer intact to prevent initial oxidation of molten aluminium .
  • Add second part in the middle stage i.e. approximately 50% of total melt.
  • When melt is ready; add the remaining quantity at a temperature 700°C, allow to stand for 5-6 minutes. Rabble the Dross for 2-3 minutes with skimmer.
  • Put-on the furnace wait for 5 minutes more, this activates the flux, heating the Dross and helps good metal separation.
  • Remove the metal free dross with help of perforated skimmer.

Standard Packing : 50 K.G.G.BAG

Precaution : Flux Is Hygroscopic In Nature So Store It In Dry Atmosphere.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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