(Highly Insulating Coating to Risers, Runner & Getting System For GDC )


DIEDRESS– 7029 is developed to give protection to the metallic components which come into contact with molten aluminium. It gives both physical protection and a high degree of insulation.

DIEDRESS– 7029 can be easily applied by brushing and further smoothened by wetting surface with water to blend with the shape on which it is applied. On Complete drying gives good insulating with non-wetting property to molten Aluminium


In GDC castings are produced with larger / thinner sectioned aluminum alloys. When molten metal is cast into die (at 250ºC) the rate of heat extraction from the metal will be high and as a consequence fluidity of the cast metal will be reduced resulting in un-filling and occurrence of shrinkage porosity in a highly complicated castings. To get desirable directional solidification effect a highly insulating coating can be applied to the riser surface along with on the runner and getting system.

Physical Properties

COLOUR Off-White to Yellow
SECIFIC GRAVITY @ 27±3°C 1.55 – 1.65


Dilute the coating with soft water in the ratio 1:0.1(Product : Water) mix uniformly and apply coating by brushing. To get better performance preheat the riser to 75-80°c. Don’t apply coating on hot surface, temp. above 100°c, will leads to blister formation and coating get flake off. Apply coating in several individual layers to get good binding and better insulating property.

Before casting insure complete removal of moisture from coating.


Non-Wetting to molten Aluminium.

Excellent Insulating property.

Good adhesion to give more life.

Uniform premixed, easy for application.

Standard Packing : 7 kg P.C.

Shelf Life : 6 Months from date of Manufacturing

Note : Store in cool and dry place away from direct heat.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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