Sodium and Calcium Free Granulated cleaning, Drossing and Covering Flux for all Aluminium and its Alloys.


CERAFLUX GR-6512 is a sodium and calcium free granulated flux designed for hypereutectic aluminium alloys used in piston castings and all Al-Mg alloys. CERAFLUX GR-6512 imparts a strong cleaning and drossing action removing oxides and other non-metallic inclusions present in the melt, leaving dry powdery dross.


CERAFLUX GR-6512 imparts reduction in oxidation and removal of oxides and inclusions from the molten metal. Dross generated is in dry powder form and easily separated from surface of molten metal with less entrapment of metal. CERAFLUX GR-6512 is a free from fines and dust so easy for application and get spread out over the molten metal easily. Being in granular form each grains represent uniform chemical composition, providing excellent effect in lower addition dosage.


CLEANING : The best application of CERAFLUX GR-6512 is dosing into pouring stream during the filling of transport ladles or crucibles. Alternatively it can be added to the molten metal surface after melting is complete. CERAFLUX GR-6512 is plunged with a suitable plunging tool and stirred vigorously into the melt.

DROSSING: If Flux Dossing Unit impeller treatment is being used CERAFLUX GR-6512 will react easily giving light and dry powdery dross. If no impeller treatment is taking place then the flux must be stirred vigorously with a preheated perforated plunger until dry dross is achieved.

Application Temperature: 700°c and above.

Application Rate

Addition rate depends on the quality of the charge. Dirty and smaller size scrap will generate more dross require more flux. Clean and large pieces of scrap generates less dross, requiring less flux. Recommended dose for clean charge is 0.05 – 0.15% of the metal weight.


  • Environmental friendly less polluting.
  • Dust free.
  • Promotes dry and powdery dross.
  • Granular ensuring uniform chemical properties throughout flux.
  • 2-4 mm designed for lance and rotor injection.
  • When injected, removes non-metallic inclusion from the melt.

Standard Packing : 25 kg polyethylene lined Paper bag.

Precaution : Flux Is Hygroscopic In Nature So Store It In Dry Atmosphere.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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