TIBON –5E is a Titanium & Boron Salts base Grain Refiner in tabletted form for Aluminium Alloy.


The Grain Refining of Aluminium Alloys improves hot tear resistance, reduces the harmful effects of gas porosity and redistributes shrinkage porosity. The Grain size of a cast alloy is dependent on the number of nuclei present in the Liquid Metal as it begins to solidify & on the rate of under-cooling. Addition of Tibon –5E containing titanium & boron salts to aluminium alloy melts can provide nuclei for grain growth.


Bring the metal temperature to around 750ºC to 760ºC maximum. With the temperature falling slowly, plunge the requisite amount of Tibon Tablets in one or more stages using a perforated bell plunger. Hold down until all bubbling ceases.

Complete the treatment by degassing followed by drossing off with CERAFLUX-11 range before adjusting temperature and casting.

Standard Packing : TIBON – 5E is available in 50 gm / 500 gm tablet in 20 kg corrugated box

Application Rate : 0.2 – 0.3 % of TIBON-5E in total metal quantity.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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