Granulated Grain Refining Flux For Aluminium And Aluminium Alloys


CERAFLUX GR-2815 is a Grain Refining flux for aluminium and aluminium alloys. It is a universal grain refiner based on Titanium and Boron.


CERAFLUX GR-2815 when added to the melt reacts to form titanium di-boride and aluminium boride. These finely dispersed particles are highly efficient nuclei that promote a fine grain growth during solidification. This grain structure ensures excellent feeding characteristics leading to optimum mechanical properties in the casting. This improvement in feeding properties is beneficial in sand casting application and also beneficial in gravity die casting where solidification rate is quite high.


CERAFLUX GR-2815 can be added to the metal surface and mixed vigorously into the melt using an appropriate preheated tool until the flux has completely melted and reacted.

CERAFLUX GR-2815 can be added in to the molten metal using flux dosing unit further mixed using Mobile degassing unit.

Application Rate

0.05-0.08% of the metal weight depending upon type of alloy.

Application Temperature



CERAFLUX GR-2815 specially developed to be environmentally friendly. It is dust free in use and emits low fume during application. Granulated fluxes can be used at reduced application rates compared to powder fluxes.

Granular ensuring uniform chemical properties throughout flux.

Standard Packing : 25 kg polyethylene lined paper sacks.

Precaution : Flux Is Hygroscopic In Nature So Store It In Dry Atmosphere.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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