Sodium, lithium, and calcium removal flux for aluminium and aluminium alloys


Ceraflux-40 is a Powder flux suitable for all types of Aluminium alloys. It is a composite of magnesium and potassium salts. It reacts quickly to efficiently remove Na, Li, and Ca from molten Al and Al-Mg alloys.


  • Sodium and Fluoride-free
  • Ceraflux-40 has a low melting point for rapid dissolution


To remove sodium from the refractory linings of holding furnaces.

Thoroughly remove any dross from the furnace lining. Sprinkle Ceraflux-40 evenly over the refractory to be treated prior to introducing aluminium. Apply 2 - 3 Kg of flux per square meter of refractory. Add the metal to the furnace and repeat this procedure for the next 5 or 6 casts.

To remove sodium from molten aluminium in the holding furnace.

In addition to the treatment of the furnace lining, inject between 1 to 5 Kg of Ceraflux-40 for each metric tonne of aluminium. When there is no risk of sodium Contamination in the holding furnace, Ceraflux-40 can be used to treat molten aluminium in the Transfer ladle bringing metal from the melting furnace. Add Ceraflux-40 to the empty ladle at a rate of 1-5 kg per tonne of aluminium. Fill the ladle with aluminium and add sufficient Ceraflux-40 to the metal surface to provide a continuous protective layer. Inject nitrogen or argon for Approximately 10 min to thoroughly stir and clean the metal. Skim the ladle with a suitable skimming tool before transferring the metal into the holding furnace.

Application temperature: 650 ºC and higher.

Application Rate

The addition rate of Ceraflux-40. Exact requirements will depend on the initial and targeted levels of Na, Li, and Ca.

Standard Packing : 25 kg plastic bag or 5 kg plastic bags in a 50 Kg plastic bag.

Storage : Like all fluxes, Ceraflux-40 should be stored in a dry place. Close opened bags or storage bins securely after use.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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