Dgasser 100/200

Briquettes for Degassing of Cu Alloys


DEGAS-100/200 is degassing briquette which is plunged in copper and copper base alloys to remove hydrogen from the melt.


Bring the metal in liquid stage. Plunge the desired size and quantity of briquette into the liquid metal with the help of plunging tool. Hold the briquette into the metal for 2-3 minutes or till mild bubbling action is observed. Further remove the plunging tool and scrap the remaining of Degas.

Degassing with DEGAS-100/200 can be carried out in the furnace in the cases of lift out tilting and high frequency furnaces.

For larger unit, treatment should be carried out in transfer ladle.


1. Eliminates gas porosity due to hydrogen.

2. DEGAS-100/200 is inexpensive and easy to apply.

3. Considerably improves mechanical properties.

4. Available in 100 and 200gm. briquette.

Standard Packing : 200Nos. / 100Nos. C.BOX.

Storage : in cool and dry place and away from direct heat.

Shelf Life : 12 months from date of manufacturing.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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