(Magnesium Remover)

Product Description

Magremover-60 is a pink colour tablet used to reduce Mg from molten metal. Pressure Die Casting Alloys are indeed to keep "Magnesium" at low percentage. Higher percentage Magnesium in PDC Alloys creates Embrittlement, Poor Fluidity and Brittleness problem. To avoid these problems Magnesium percentage in these Alloys should be kept at low percentage. Magnesium percentage mainly depends on Magnesium present in the re-cycled scrap. To reduce magnesium to desired level Magremover–60 Tablet is recommended.


Magremover – 60 decomposes at molten metal temperature and releases compounds that react with magnesium.

Magremover – 60 is a combination of chlorides and fluoride base salts. Chemical affinity between Mg with Chlorine and fluoride compound at Molten Aluminum temperature leads to Thermo-chemical reaction. Chlorine and Fluorine reacts with Mg to form MgCl2, MgF2 and MgO and forms a liquid phase. As the liquid phase is less dense than molten aluminum, it raises to surface and can be removed as dross.


The addition rate of Magremover-60 is vary and depend upon the initial level of Mg content and % of Mg to be removed.

It is recommended to add 5-7 kg of Magremover-60 to remove 1 kg of Mg from molten metal, for melt having initial Mg content 0.5% and above.

It is recommended to add 6-8 kg of Magremover-60 to remove 1 kg of Mg from molten metal, for melt having initial Mg content below 0.5%.

As Magremover-60 does the work of degassing, there is no need of adding extra degassing tablets.

Magremover-60 Tablets to be get plunged in molten metal in such a way that all molten metal get covered. Intermittent moving of plunger throughout the melt during reaction ensures better removal of Mg.

After completion of reaction mix the molten metal uniformly, remove the dross and take sample for Mg testing.

Application Temperature:- 750-800°C for better results.

Standard Packing:- 100/500 gms Tablet packed in 20 Kg. C. Box.

Storage :- Store in cool and dry place, keep away from direct heat.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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