CERAL MASTIC-2004 is a Alumino Silicate Fibrous material with excellent bonding property to M.S. shell and CERAL(refractory) Shapes.

CERAL MASTIC-2004 is of highly insulating property so reduces temperature drop to a considerable extent.

CERAL MASTIC-2004 is non-wettable to Molten Aluminium and of "IN SITU" hardening property.

CERAL MASTIC-2004 is very much helpful in implementing 'CLEAN METAL PRACTICE'


Make studs of 2 to 3 mm dia. and length 6 to 8 m.m on vertical walls of M.S.Shell providing 2 to 3 inch distance between each stud.

Apply the CERAL MASTIC-2004 in moist condition on M.S.Shell to a 15 to 20mm thickness.

  • Air dry for 48 hours.
  • Apply/fill the CERAL MASTIC-2004 wherever the minute cracks found.
  • Air dry for 24 hours
  • Shape to be torched/pre-heated with hot dross.
  • Smaller shapes can be Oven Dried.
  • Preheat the shape, ready for use.

Shelf Life - Three Months From The Date Of Manufacturing

Storage - Store The Container In Cool & Dry Place.

Standard Packing - 6Kg. P.C.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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