Graphite Based Lubricating Paste For Aluminium Castings

The Product

MOLDLUBE – 1 is graphite based lubricating thick liquid for Aluminium Extrusion, Ingot manufacturers, foundries etc. It has an excellent base of selected lubricating oil, grease & graphite for smooth application and having high thermal stability.

Physical Properties

Appearance Creamy Black thick liquid
Mn - 10 0.95 to 0.98

Product Function

MOLDLUBE –1 is applied as it is by brushing / swabbing.

In extrusion plant, it is applied at: i) Log faces, ii) on plunger, iii) die surface.

In Ingot manufacturing it is applied on Die mould for a smooth release and excellent finish.

In foundry it is applied on Pressure Die Castings Plunger and some times swabbing done on die-surface for integrate shape / castings.

The product’s excellent flow-ability and spread-ability gives easy and uniform drag and release to the billets.


Supplied in Ready to use form without any settling or separation which avoids elaborate mixing.

Excellent spread-ability and flow-ability giving economical benefits.

Good thermal stability giving desired adherence and multiple strips.

Stable product without any fungus development.

Packing : 30 Kg. H.D.P.E. Can.

Shelf Life : 1 Year.

Storage : Store Product At 25-35°C For Effective Use.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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