Melting & Covering Flux


ERAFLUX -5 is white colour powder made from Salts of Sodium, Potassium and Cryolite.CERAFLUX-5 is recommended for melting and covering operation.


Aluminium in liquid condition has higher affinity towards Hydrogen & Oxygen. Molten aluminium alloys rapidly forms an aluminium Oxide (Dross) film whenever surface is freshly exposed to atmosphere. CERAFLUX-5 is designed to prevent the formation of aluminium oxide. Being low temperature melting flux CERAFLUX-5 forms liquid layer of flux when added on preheated charge. The liquid layer of CERAFLUX-5 prevents the oxidation of aluminium.Melting temperature of flux is approx. 680°


CERAFLUX - 5 is recommended for melting and covering operation. Exo-thermic property of the product influences faster melting of aluminium. CERAFLUX - 5 forms a layer over molten aluminium which acts as a barrier between molten aluminium and atmosphere and thus prevents the oxidation of molten aluminium.

Application Temperature: 700°c and above.

Application Rate

For Crucible Furnace : 0.5 - 1% of metal charge (Higher % recommended for loose and uncleaned scrap)

For Reverberatory Furnace : 125- 150 gm/ Sq. ft. of molten pool area.

Application Procedure

CERAFLUX-5 is low melting point flux (Max-650˚C), it is to be added on the molten metal before melting of the metal. It is advised to apply CERAFLUX - 5 in 2/3 stages.

  • Take requisite quantity of CERAFLUX-5 as recommended.
  • Add 1/3rd quantity of total required flux in the beginning i.e.when charge is preheated stage.
  • Add further charge in the furnace when the initial charge become liquid and ensure not to disturb the layer of the flux, the scrap is free from dirt, oil, moisture etc.
  • Add remaining second part of the flux on molten metal wherever the layer is disturbed and ensure that layer of flux covers the whole metal surface. Keep the layer intact to prevent oxidation of molten aluminium.
  • Continue the procedure till the full quantity of metal is melted.
  • Rabble the fine dross with help of precoated M.S.Tool.

Standard Packing : 50 K.G.G.BAG

Precaution : Flux Is Hygroscopic In Nature So Store It In Dry Atmosphere.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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