(Phenolic Urethane No Bake Process)


CERAPEP is a highly reactive process for making sand cores and moulds in foundry by no bake process.

CERAPEP is a Phenolic Urethane No Bake binder process which provides excellent work time, uniform curring, fast stripping and handling of moulds and cores.It offers a highest bench life to strip time ratio than any other no bake processes. The weight, geometry of core or mould does not affect the stripping time. Like other no bake processes ambient air or temperature does not have any effect on curring speed or mechanism. Being a polyurethane, the process is sensitive towards contamination of moisture, so as base silica sand should be dry.

CERAPEP is a three part system

CERAPEP R – 801 Phenolic Resin dissolved in solvents.
CERAPEP H – 810 Isocyanate, acts as a hardener.
CERAPEP C – 820 Liquid catalyst.

Typical Sand Mix

Dry silica sand (AFS No 50 – 60) 100 parts
CERAPEP R – 801 1.00 – 1.2 % BOS
CERAPEP H – 810 1.00 – 1.2 % BOS mix for 1-1½ minutes.
CERAPEP C – 820 3.00 – 10.00 % BO CERAPEP R-801.

Typical Properties of CERAPEP

COLOUR Reddish brown Dark brown Light brown or yellow
APPEARANCE Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid
SPECIFIC GRAVITY @30°C 1.05 – 1.10 1.18 - 1.20 1.00 – 1.05
VISCOSITY BY B4 CUP @30°C 80 – 105 seconds 14 – 20 seconds  12 -16 seconds

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

Typical Sand Mixing Cycle

Sand mixing can be done in either batch or continuous mixer, but one should ensure for no free resin lumps in sand mix.

Addition level of CERAFURAN C-710 controls the bench life and strip time.

Mixing cycle:

Sand + Premixed CERAPEP R-801 & CERAPEP C-820---- mix for 1-1½ minutes.

+CERAPEP H-810--- mix for 1-1½ minutes.

Sand can be prepared by using both continuous & batch type mixer.

Bench life of prepared sand - 2-4 minutes

Strip Time – 6 -10 minutes.

Typical Tensile Strength and other properties

Immediate 8 –10 kg/cm2
4 hours 11 – 12 kg/cm2
24 hours 13 – 16 kg /cm2
Gas evolution 12 -14 cc/gm max.

Silent features of CERAPEP process

  • Fastest process among all nobake processes.
  • Excellent bench life to strip time ratio.
  • High strength and low gas evolution.
  • Excellent core and mould dimensional accuracy.
  • Excellent surface finish of castings.
  • Partial substitute for shell process.
  • Cores can be used after 4 hours of stripping.
  • Good resistance to casting defects like scab, veining or erosion.
  • Suitable for all types of metals.
  • Less effect of ambient on bench life, strip time and strength.

Mould & Core Paints

  • We recommend water base refractory wash, but air dry type solvent base paints can be used.

Shelf Life

  • Six month from the date of manufacture for all three resin components.

Standard Packing

  • CERAPEP R – 801 50 / 200 kg MS Barrel
  • CERAPEP H – 810 : 50 / 200 kg MS Barrel
  • CERAPEP C – 820 : 10/20 kg MS/HDPE Drum/ carboy

Storage & Handling

Store under roof away from heat & moisture. Direct flame contact should be avoided.

While handling, prescribed safety measures should be used.

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