CERAREZ R-201 and CERASHELL C-210 have to buy in pair.

Check CERAREZ R-201 Product Discription


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request


Dry silica sand [AFS 50-65]
(free from carbonates and chlorides)
100 parts
CERAREZ-R-201 1.5- 2.0% based on sand
CERAREZ-C-210 30-60 % based on CERAREZ-R-201

Note:- For good quality reclaimed sand, addition level will be

CERAREZ-R-201 1.0- 1.5% based on sand
CERAREZ-C-210 30-60 % based on CERAREZ-R-201

Sand mixing can be done in either batch or continuous mixer, but one should ensure for no free resin lumps in sand mix.

Addition level of CERAREZ-C-210 controls the bench life and strip time.

Mixing cycle:

Dry silica sand + CERAREZ-C-210-- mix for 1 – 1 ½ minutes

+ CERAREZ-R-201-- mix for 2-3 minutes

These are typical mixing times, which can vary with speed and type of mixer.

Bench Life- 5-15 minutes

Stripping time– 20-60 minutes.

Strength Compressive

(Resin-1.5% of sand, Catalyst-40% of Resin)

Time Strength in kg/cm2
1 Hr 5 - 10
4 Hrs 15 - 20
24 Hrs >30

Strength will vary with quality of sand and ambient atmospheric conditions.

Mould & Core Wash: We recommend water base refractory wash.

Shelf Life

  • CERAREZ-R-201 – 2 months from date of manufacturing
  • CERAREZ-C-210 – 1 year from date of manufacturing.

Standard Packing

  • CERAREZ-R-201 – 200/225 kg MS/ HDPE drums.
  • CERAREZ-C-210 – 50/100/225 kg HDPE carboy/drum.

Storage & Handling

CERAREZ-R-201 and CERAREZ-C-210, should stored separately, away from direct source of heat, moisture under roof at below 30°C

Never mix CERAREZ-R-201 and CERAREZ-C-210 together in a container, without sand. Direct mixing of CERAREZ-R-201 and CERAREZ-C-210 cause violent exothermic reaction.

Handle CERAREZ-R-201 and CERAREZ-C-210 with proper care by using safety tools like chemical resistance hand gloves, safety goggles

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