(Tellurium-containing paste for grey cast iron)


CRAFTANOL –Te- 50H is a tellurium-containing paste for application on moulds and cores for grey cast iron.

CRAFTANOL - 11 is a ready for use (RFU) coating having excellent Suspension properties

Application CRAFTANOL-Te-50H

Application CRAFTANOL-Te-50H serves to stabilize carbide. The paste has a strong hardening effect and condenses the structure, so that the treated surface of the casting is no longer machinable. The depth of hardening is about 3 mm. Chilled surfaces can be obtained to any desired extent.

CRAFTANOL-Te-50H to be stirred uniformly before use and can be applied as a thick paste. To prevent tellurium from segregating, the addition of liquid should be as little as possible.

CRAFTANOL-Te-50H is especially for brushing and preferably applied to a base of normal coating to prevent metal penetration.

Physical Properties

Colour Brown
Appearance Paste
Carrier Isopropyl Alcohol Drying burning off or air-drying

Standard Packaging

  • 7 kg and 25 kg HDPE drum


  • Cool and dry place

Shelf Life

Within 12 months from date of manufacturing.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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