(Special Inoculation Chilling Coat)


CRAFTCOTE -TES is water based thixotropic coating containing metallic tellurium, tin and other refractories as a filler base. It is used for getting desired localized chilling effect for grey cast iron castings. It is applied on sand mould or core surfaces.

Product Function

For certain applications, it is required to have localized chilling effect in grey cast iron casting for improving the hardness and wear resistance characteristics. This can be achieved by applying CRAFTCOTE - TES a tellurium & tin base coating on mould or core surface which acts as a chill promoting media.

CRAFTCOTE –TES can also be used for directional solidification which avoids shrinkage defects. This function can eliminate use of metallic chills in complex mould or core areas. CRAFTCOTE – TES gives excellent effect upto the depth of 10mm.


  • CRAFTCOTE – TES is to be applied as it is by brushing or swabbing after uniform mixing.
  • Mould or core should be thoroughly dried before pouring the metal. (Do not heavily tourch the coating) .
  • Whenever double coating is required take care that the previous coat is thoroughly air dried.
  • For economical practice, give first coat of zircon base coating on the portion when CRAFTCOTE – TES is to be used.

Physical Properties

Appearance Grey colour paste (RFU)
Sp. Gravity 1. 80 - 2. 00 @ (27±3)˚C


  • 2 or 5 Kg plastic cans.

Shelf Life

  • 6 months

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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