CRAFTCOTE PS -519 L is a mixture of alumina-silicate base, refractory ready for use coating. This coating is specially designed for foam patterns maintaining high permeability. The rheological properties are so adjusted that on application smooth, even coating with minimum drips and runs are obtained .This coating acts as refractory barrier between thermocoal pattern & loose/bonded sand mould and thus helps to obtain excellent surface finish to lost foam/ full mould process castings.

Product Function

CRAFTCOTE PS - 519 L is specially developed for precision moulding process like lost foam/full mould casting process. Thermocoal is used as raw material for pattern making material which is covered with loose/bonded sand. When liquid metal comes in contact with thermocoal pattern thermocoal gets evaporate providing passage for liquid metal to accumulate the space of thermocoal pattern. Thermocoal is covered with loose/bonded sand of high permeability which results rough surface finish over casting. CRAFTCOTE PS - 519 L is specially developed with wetting property to thermocoal surface, adequate permeability to allow the gas to pass out of mould, refractoriness of coating provides good surface casting finish.

Typical Physical Properties

1 Form RFU Liquid
2 Colour Red
3 % Solid @100-110 ºc for 1½ hr 58 – 62
4 Coating by dipping /brushing / swabbing on thermocol pattern and oven drying @ 45-50 ºc for 60-90 min..  No peel off, No cracks Satisfactory
5 Refractory base Alumina- silicate

Preparation And Instructions To Use

CRAFTCOTE PS - 519 L is provided in RFU form, it is suitable for dipping/ brushing / swabbing application on thermocoal patterns. To get coating suitable to application it is advised to mix thoroughly before use.

After uniform mixing coating apply it by dipping/ brushing / swabbing on thermocol pattern transfer the pattern to baking furnace at temperature of 40-50 degree centigrade for 60-90 min depending upon thickness of coating.


After use of coating it should be kept in covered container to avoid contamination.

Ensure that mould is completely dry before pouring liquid metal.

Ensure proper mixing to obtain uniform coating all over mould. Excess thickness results in rough surface.


  • 30 kg HDPE Carbouy.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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