Insulating Non Wetting Molten Aluminium Transfer ladle



It is a high Alumina containing refractory material. Provides good heat insulating property, slight natural temperature dropping. Equipped with thicker insulating layer. The outside insulating layer is adopting light heat insulation castable material, good for the heat preservation.

Product Function

Provides non sticking property to molten Aluminium.

Provides high resistance for Hot and Cold shock. High strength special inner layer liner, can be resistant for the frequency hot and cold alternating shock. To have good life recommended to preheat ladle before tapping metal to 500°C.

It has sturdy ladle shell . The ladle shell is made according to transfer ladle technical specification. It is available with gear and without gear tilting / non tilting type.

Long Using life. Professional design and make, good materials, keep the ladle for long use life.CERACOTE –Z refractory coating can be applied to ladle to give better life.

Typical Properties Of Ceral Regular

Colour White Colour
Density 2.89 gm. / c.c.
Temp. for continuous use 800°C
Reaction with lubricating oil Resistant
Wet-ability to molten Aluminium Non- Wet-able


  • 300 / 500/ 1000 kg.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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