Product Function

Risers are elements of the gating and feeding system which are intended for displacing shrinkage cavity and porosity outside the casting.

Feeding By Heat Insulating

By using insulating Riser material one can achieve effective rise ring and directional solidification for permanent mould Gravity Die Casting of Aluminium - Silicon alloys.

Most satisfactory results can be achieved by using Ceral Riser Sleeve as heat insulating material for Riser

Ceral Riser Sleeves

Through our continuous research, we have developed and standardized two grades of Ceral Riser Sleeves : Ceral HI 93, Ceral HI 142 respectively having very high and moderately high insulating property.

These are suitable grades for efficient heat insulation at Riser and hence directional solidification can be achieved.

Typical Properties Of Ceral Regular

Sr. No Grade Thermal Conductivity At 800°C W/mK Heat Transfer Coefficient BTU/h Ft2°F C.C.S.(kg/cm2)
1 Ceral HI 142 0.38 to 0.40 2.65 to 2.85 45 - 50
2 Ceral HI 131 0.44 to 0.46 3.05 to 3.25 105 – 115


  • Fit Ceral Sleeve to GDC die by using proper adhesive material or by mechanical clamping (if possible)
  • Then preheat the die and sleeve by torching upto 250°C. Now die is ready for pouring.


  • We supply machined and custom made product, just ready for use.As compared to conventional Board which has material loss with added machining costs, Ceral Riser Sleeve has zero wastage at customer’s end.
  • High insulating promotes to minimize Riser volume and hence better yield can be achieved.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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