Ceramic Refractory Rotor Used In Aluminium Chip Melting Furnace



It is a high Alumina containing refractory material. Provides good heat Insulating property along-with non sticking property to molten Aluminium.

Ceral Rotor has High strength, resistant to frequent hot and cold shocks. To have good life recommended to pre-heat the CERAL ROTOR before placing in molten metal to 400-500°C.

It has sturdy reinforcement material which gives better support to ceramic refractory.

Long Using life. Professional design and make, good materials, keep the CERAL ROTOR for long use life.

CERACOTE – Z refractory coating can be applied to CERAL ROTOR to give more life.

Physical Properties Of Ceral Rotor

Colour White Colour
Density 2.89 gm. / c.c.
Temp. for continuous use 800-850°C
Wet-ability to molten Aluminium Non- Wet-able
Wight of Ceramic Rotor 100-105kg


  • It is used in Aluminium and its alloys chip melting furnace to agitate the charge during melting.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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