CERAL SAUCER is manufactured by using High Alumina Cement (Asbestos Free), fiber-reinforced phosphate bonded refractory material sintered at 800°C.

Product Advantages

It is NON WETTING to molten Aluminium.

It can withstand thermal shocks from 800°C to room temperature

It has high strength hence life of the lining is more than conventional refractory.

Inclusion-Free final casting.

Abrasion resistant.


Clean/Wipe the CERAL SAUCER with a brush to remove dust/metallic particles before use.

Avoid using any sharp metallic tools on the CERAL SAUCER surface

Clean the CERAL SAUCER and Apply CERACOTE – Z after every shift

Preheat the CERAL SAUCER to 200 - 250C/low flame burner before use

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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