Cover and Protect Taphole of Melting Furnaces



CERAL TAPOUT CONES are special shaped products used to cover and protect taphole plugs in Aluminium, Magnesium and Zinc metal and its alloys melting furnaces.

Each product is produced in to a special mold (as per drawing) according to its shape and size, performance requirements of product. Different Binders and additives are used to meet the requirements

Product Function

CERAL TAPOUT CONE is used to control flow of molten metal from melting furnace. CERAL TAPOUT CONE is having high Aluminum Silicate fiber and formed by vacuum process. Unique binder system maintains the strength of cones throughout the application.

CERAL TAPOUT CONE makes the casting process more convenient, safe and reliable.

CERAL TAPOUT CONES are recommended for one time use.

Pypical Properties

Colour White to off-white
Working Temp 800-1200°C
Wet-ability to molten Aluminium Non- Wet-able
Chemical Composition Al2O3+SiO2= 94-96%: Fe2O3 =<1.2% : Na2O+K2O= <0.5%


  • CERAL TAPOUT CONE is suitable for Mechanical or manual plugging and removal operations. Smooth outer surface minimizes tearing during insertion. Accurate dimensions insure a tight fit between the taphole plug and tap block.


  • Maintain strength throughout application
  • Low heat storage and less heat loss
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Does not burn or degrade

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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