Ceramic Refractory For Controlled Flow Of Molten Aluminium and Alloys.



Ceral Wahser is Ceramic refractory prepared from Calcium Silicate and high Alumina Cement.Specifically used for sheet metal production.

Product Function

Ceral Washer is having highly insulating property. It is non-wetting to Molten aluminium.

High thermal shocks resistant.

Pre-heat the shapes to 100°C for 1 hr before use to give better life.

Physical Properties Of Ceral Washer

Nature Grey Coloured Pre cast Shapes
Density 1.3 gm. / c.c.
C.C.S 95.00+/-5.00 Kg. / cm2
Temp. for continuous use 800°C
Reaction with lubricating oil Resistant
Wet-ability to molten Aluminium Non- Wet-able
Thermal Conductivity 0.48+/-0.1 W/mK at 800°C
Linear Thermal Expansion % 0.27+/-0.03

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is Available on Request

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