Granular Fluxes for Aluminum Foundry

Fluxes are special blends of typically solid, inorganic compounds designed for degassing, demagging, cleaning, grain refining, and/or chemistry modification of molten aluminium alloys and other purposes. Fluxes are usually added during the melting, holding or degassing of aluminium to furnaces, crucibles, ladles, or other aluminium vessels. Flux raw-material quality, addition method and product form can all affect efficiency. A flux recipe varies depending on its purpose and other process variables, such as alloy and temperature.

We Manufacture and Export Foundry alias Metallurgical Chemicals as per International Standards. Production of Non-Ferrous Foundry Fluxes, is one of our Core Competencies. We have also specialized in the Design, Development, and Production of Foundry Fluxes. Our Foundry Fluxes are well appreciated and admired by Client all over the Globe.

We Export to more than 14 Countries with a widespread Customer Base of more than 1000 Clients. With our Highly Qualified Technical Team, we assure our Clients to Provide Technical Solutions within 24 Hours. With the Bouquet of more than 300 Quality Products, we proudly boost ourselves with the USP, The Only Indian Company Manufacturing a Wide Range of Metallurgical Products.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of foundry products and services to meet the requirements of iron, steel and non-ferrous
foundries to help them to reduce defects, improve casting quality and optimise production costs.